Graduate Courses being offered in Fall 2017

These are courses that may be of interest to graduate students.  Level 800 courses are available only to graduate students.
Language classes numbered 401 and 402 may be taken by ROMS students, but these courses do not count towards credit hours for your degree.
This list is for reference purposes only.  Please check ConnectCarolina for all official course offerings & meeting times for the semester.

Course Name
FREN 583 Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture
FREN 662 Poetry of the French Renaissance
ITAL 731 Dante I
ITAL 830 Primo Levi
ROML 700 Theories and Techniques of Teaching
ROML 830 Seminar in Romance Languages
SPAN 614 Modernist and Contemporary Spanish American Literature
SPAN 621 Words on the Move--Spanish Through Time, Literally
SPAN 650 The Spanish Comedia of the Golden Age
SPAN 677 Sintaxis del español (Spanish Syntax)
SPAN 678 Cultural and Linguistic History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 680 First- and Second-Language Acquisition of Spanish
SPAN 683 Guarani Linguistics
SPAN 702 The Trastamara Dynasty: 1369 to 1504/1516
SPAN 712 The Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPAN 835 Seminar in Spanish American Literature