Enrolled graduate students are eligible for the following travel and research awards.

Department of Romance Studies Travel Grant

Departmental grants, up to $333, are intended to help defray travel and subsistence expenses incurred in the presentation of a paper at a conference, or for students who have confirmed job interviews at the MLA convention.

The Graduate School also offers Graduate Transportation Grants to assist with travel to academic conferences and professional meetings. In 2015-2016, these grants offer up to $400 for domestic travel, $1000 for foreign travel. Application instructions may be found here. Students are encouraged to apply for Graduate School grants before applying for departmental funds. Applications for departmental funds will be considered more competitive if they include proof of a prior application for the Graduate School Transportation Grant.

To apply for departmental funds:

  1. Students should write a letter of application, addressed to Dr. Ellen Welch (Director of Graduate Studies), co-signed by a faculty member.
    • The letters should include a brief explanation of the nature of the conference, a brief explanation of your paper or other reason for attending, as well as a budget for airfare, gas/rental expenses, hotel charges, etc.  Please also include the invitation to present or to attend an interview. Your PID must be included at the bottom of the letter.
  2. The letter should be emailed to Dr. Welch, with cc to Shavon Carey. (No hard copy of the application is required)
  3. Upon approval by Dr. Welch, Logan Brackett will ensure delivery of the approved amount to the student.

Priority will go to those student presenters who have not previously received this type of support from the Department.  Applications accepted and awards made September through April, based on availability of funding.

The GPSF can also provide travel funding to students who have exhausted other resources.

Department of Romance Studies Travel Fellowships

  • McCulloch Dissertation Research Travel Fellowship for French ($4000) (Note that the McCulloch Fellowship may be used in any French-speaking country.)
  • Dana B. Drake  Research Travel Fellowship for Spanish ($2,000)
  • Isabella Payne Cooper Dissertation Research Fellowship for Italian ($2,000)

Candidates should first consider the appropriateness for their research of a Graduate School Fellowship.

Applicants should submit a two-page statement describing the nature of the project, time frame, estimated expenses, and other pertinent details.  The letter, addressed to the Graduate Advisory Committee, should be submitted to Shavon Carey by April 1st. Winners of these Departmental awards will be notified about one week after the Graduate School announces its awards. At the end of the award period, a one-page report must be filed with the Chair of Romance Studies. It should account for both the expenditure of the allotted funds and state what the award helped the student accomplish.


Please note that the Institut Français de’Amérique (http://institut.unc.edu/) offers sustenance funds for students wishing to go to France for advanced research in the latter stages of doctoral studies. These funds may be combined with the McCulloch Travel Fellowship. The deadline for applications is January 15. Please direct any questions to IFA@unc.edu.