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Spanish Service Learning Project in collaboration with Carrboro Elementary School dual-language students

This fall, 19 students from UNC’s Spanish for the Professions Minor (Heather Knorr’s SPAN 329 class) visited Carrboro Elementary School where they collaborated with 24 dual-language 3rd graders to design original board games in Spanish to enhance their practice of the NC curriculum standards. Since this is an APPLES “Service-learning” class where each student does 30 hours of volunteering in the community, they were thrilled to have a mini-project in addition to their individual projects. UNC and CES students created games such as pin the bone on the skeleton to practice the body and cardiovascular system, lunopolio (Monopoly for the “luna” or moon) to practice learning the planets and facts about outer space, and 3 other board games feature geography, multiplication and other science curriculum standards. We won an APPLES grant to pay for the game supplies and were then able to donate the board games to the 3rd grade classroom teachers. It was a fabulous project!

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