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Paraguayan Guarani is a vibrant, modern language, mother tongue to millions of people in South America. It is the only indigenous language in the Americas spoken by a non-ethnically indigenous majority, and since 1992, it is also an official language of Paraguay alongside Spanish. This book provides the first comprehensive reference grammar of Modern Paraguayan Guarani written for an English-language audience. It is an accessible yet thorough and carefully substantiated description of the language’s phonology, morphosyntax, and semantics. It also includes information about its centuries of documented history and its current sociolinguistic situation. It is open access and can be downloaded for free at:

Prof. Estigarribia will be presenting this book in his plenary speech “Incomplete standardization: challenges and choices in grammar writing” at the Foundation for Endangered Languages Annual Conference (FEL24) on Friday 25 September 2020, 16:00-17:00 (BST = GMT/UTC +1). The conference is online and free ( Please consider attending and making a donation to FEL’s grant programme in lieu of a registration fee.

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