Below are descriptions of every course potentially offered by the department.  Please check ConnectCarolina for the most up-to-date offerings.


Course Name
FREN 101 Elementary French I
FREN 102 Elementary French II
FREN 105 French for High Beginners
FREN 203 Intermediate French I
FREN 204 Intermediate French II
FREN 255 Conversation I
FREN 260 Introduction to French Literature
FREN 280 French and Francophone Literature in Translation: Representations of the Americas
FREN 285 Sex, Philosophy, and Politics: Revolutions in French Literature, 1721-1834
FREN 286 Food for Thought: The Culture of Cuisine in Modern France
FREN 300 French Composition and Grammar Review
FREN 310 Conversation and Composition II
FREN 311 Conversation and Composition II
FREN 312 French University Methodology through Literature
FREN 315 Imposteur!: Faking and False Identities in French & Francophone Drama and Film
FREN 320 Business French
FREN 325 Crime et littérature: French & Francophone Contexts
FREN 330 French Civilization I
FREN 331 French Civilization II
FREN 350 Advanced Oral and Written French
FREN 370 Survey of French Literature I
FREN 371 Survey of French Literature II
FREN 372 Survey of French Literature III
FREN 373 French New Wave Cinema
FREN 374 Survey of French Literature IV
FREN 375 Francophone Studies
FREN 376 Identity and Nationhood in Québécois Literature
FREN 377 The Evolution of Frenchness since WWII
FREN 378 The Role of France in Europe Today
FREN 379 Special Topics in French and Francophone Studies
FREN 380 French & Francophone Drama
FREN 381 French and Francophone Poetry
FREN 382 French and Francophone Prose
FREN 383 Franco-Asian Encounters
FREN 387 Paris/Versailles: The Court and the City in the 17th Century
FREN 388 History of French Cinema 1: 1895-1950
FREN 389 History of French Cinema 2: 1950-Present
FREN 395 Research for Advanced French Students (1–3)
FREN 398 Undergraduate Seminar in French
FREN 401 Beginning Accelerated French
FREN 402 Intermediate Accelerated French
FREN 437 Literary and Cultural Theory in France
FREN 452 Muslim Women in France and the United States
FREN 490 Sex and Modernity: Prostitution in 19th Century France
FREN 500 Research Methods in French and European Studies
FREN 504 Cultural Wars: French/United States Perspectives
FREN 515 Social Networks: Technology and Community in Modern France
FREN 554 Writing the Mediterranean: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on the Early Modern World
FREN 555 Crossing Gazes: Multidirectional and Conflicting Memories of Algeria
FREN 561 French Renaissance Literature and Culture
FREN 563 Studies in the Anglo-French Renaissance: Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Early Modern Political Thought
FREN 565 French Phonetics and Phonology
FREN 583 Eighteenth-Century Literature & Culture
FREN 590 Special Topics: Jean-Luc Godard and Cinema
FREN 594 Writing the Mediterranean
FREN 601 French for Reading
FREN 611 French Novelists of the 20th Century
FREN 613 20th-Century Literature
FREN 615 Readings in Francophone Literature
FREN 616 Readings in Cultural Studies
FREN 617 Framing Identities: Franco-Arab Transvisual Transcultural Contexts
FREN 630 Postmodernisms
FREN 661 Studies in French Renaissance
FREN 662 Poetry of the French Renaissance
FREN 670 News, Media, and Culture in 17th-Century France (1650-1715). Manufacturing ‘The Latest’ in Early Modernity
FREN 675 Literature and Enlightenment (17th-18th centuries)
FREN 685 Libertinism
FREN 687 Diaspora and Transculturalism in Québécois Literature
FREN 690 Seminar
FREN 691H Honors Thesis in French
FREN 692H Honors Thesis in French