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Current Societal Issues: France and Beyond

This course seeks to further students’ understanding of contemporary social, political, economic issues in French society, as well as in chosen Francophone countries (such as the idea of liberty, law, immigration and nationality). In this course, we will read articles and watch videos (documentaries, news, movies) to discuss French/Francophone current topics and events. Students will present a research topic on a specific social, political, environmental, medical or economic issue in France or a Francophone country of their choice.

This course fulfills the Communication Intensive (CI) requirement of the curriculum and

Prerequisites: FREN 300 (FREN 310 or Study Abroad experience is encouraged) and one of the following: FREN 255260, or 262.

Instructional mode: remote-synchronous

Previously Offered:

Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017