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Framing Identities: Franco-Arab Transvisual Transcultural Contexts

This course focuses on the representation of Franco-Arab identities in various artistic productions (such as literature, paintings, comics, films, photos…) from Algeria, France, Lebanon, Québec, and Tunisia. We will examine the way in which these artistic productions challenge various orientalist and post0orientalist constructions of Arabs and Muslims. We will analyze the way in which these artistic productions exploit national and regional identities, linguistic and cultural diversity, and gender. We will also study how these identities have been shaped by diaspora, migration, urbanization, globalization and delocalization, as mixed, plural, and “nomadic.” This course takes into account visual culture theories, socio-cultural theories about identity, nationhood, and cultural diversity in various Franco0Arab contexts.

We will focus in particular on: Kamel Daoud, Meursault Contre-enquête; Assia Djebar, Nulle part dans la maison de mon père; Boualem Sansal, La fin du monde; Raja Amari, Les secrets; Riad Sattouf, L’Arabe du futur; Zeina Abirached, Beyrouth, je me souviens; Wajdi Mouawad, Littoral.


Prerequisites: FREN 300, FREN 372, or FREN 375.

Previously Offered:

Spring 2016