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LAC Recitation (1 Credit Hour)

Coregistration in a LAC course required. A recitation section for selected courses that promote foreign language proficiency across the curriculum (LAC). Weekly discussion and readings in Portuguese.

This stand-alone one-hour LAC discussion session examines the history, literary works and historical documents from the era of the discoveries through the 20th century. One of our principal goals will be to approach an understanding of the myriad of ideas and approaches to concepts of difference, otherness, and race—both official and otherwise—found throughout the Portuguese empire, as well as the evolution of the same. This will be the content and context of the linguistic goals of the class. Those goals include achieving 1) greater fluency in reading Portuguese literature and academic writing in Portuguese; 2) a higher level of Portuguese competency in, primarily, presentational and interpersonal modes; and 3) more effective compositional skills in Portuguese—organizing thoughts and creating and defending an argument.

Requisites: Prerequisite, PORT 204 or 402; permission of the instructor for students lacking the prerequisite