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Introduction to Translation

Instructor: Prof. Grace Aaron

SPAN 369 introduces students to the theory and practice of translation across different fields of specialization (medical, legal, educational, etc.) through a dual approach of conceptual readings and applied activities. The course emphasizes hands-on practice as well as the cultural role of translators as mediators. By the end of the semester, students are expected to be able to use the terminology of the field to discuss several aspects involved in the practice of translation and to produce a quality translation. In SPAN 369, existing vocabulary, grammar and cultural materials will be expanded from previous levels of Spanish language instruction. In addition, the specific terminologies of domains of specialization (medical, legal, art, etc.) will be introduced. Although SPAN 369 is not a traditional (Spanish) language course, students’ reading and writing skills should improve as they gain experience writing across languages. The languages of instruction will be Spanish and English, depending on the issues being discussed.

Prerequisites: SPAN 300 or instructor’s approval