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Mesoamerica through Its Native Literatures

This course offers students a general overview of Mesoamerica from the Pre-Columbian period up to the present by exploring the literatures of the Mayas, Aztecs, Zapotecs and their neighbors. The course has five central objectives: 1) to critically analyze and discuss Mesoamerican textual production in order to better understand their historical, cultural, political and religious underpinnings 2) to critically explore the complexity, variation, and intercultural ways of life of Mesoamerican peoples as represented in their artistic production 3) to understand Mesoamerican textual production in their specific social context through an interdisciplinary and comparative approach 4) to disclose the aesthetic similarities, differences and rhetorical strategies employed by indigenous writers to inscribe their memory and culture at various moments in the hegemonic histories of the region 5) and to connect Mesoamerican artistic production to indigenous rights movements such as the Speaking cross, the Zapatistas and the Maya movement.

Requisites: Prerequisite, SPAN 301 or 302.
Gen Ed: LA, BN.