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Literature and the French-Speaking World

MWF 11:15-12:05, Graham Memorial 210, staff

This introductory French and Francophone literature course is an interactive, discussion-based survey course examining the various genres of French literature: poetry, theater, the novel, film, and short stories. In addition to reading the assigned texts, students will participate in class discussions and hands-on activities, and complete a small research project. Coursework will allow students to improve linguistic skills (including reading comprehension and oral proficiency), practice textual analysis, gain exposure to French and Francophone culture, and discuss important issues in contemporary French society. In French.

Target Audience: This is one of the gateway courses for the French major or minor, though all students who meet the prerequisites are welcome. Other students with a strong command of written and spoken French are also welcome, pending instructor approval. Course taught in French.

Prerequisites: FREN 204 or FREN 402.

IDEAs in Action Gen Ed Focus Capacities: Aesthetic and Interpretive Analysis (FC-AESTH); Ways of Knowing (FC-KNOWING).

Making Connections Gen Ed: Literary Arts (LA).

Offered every semester.