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French Composition and Grammar Review

MWF 9:05–9:55am, Dey 205, Prof. Dorothea Heitsch (
MWF 12:20–1:10pm, Dey 302, Prof. Cécile Ruel (

French 300 is a grammar review and composition course, required of all French majors and minors. The objective of the course is to help you to express your thoughts clearly in essentially correct, and, we hope, reasonably elegant, French prose. A review of structures is an indispensable tool to help you achieve this objective and should also improve your spoken French. In-class activities focus on accuracy, vocabulary development and writing skills. Assignments include grammar exercises, short written texts, and several longer compositions, with re-writes. Course taught in French.

Prerequisite: French 204; recommended: French 255, French 260, or 262.

Offered every semester.