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FREN 355

FREN 355

Dorothea Heitsch
French Undergraduate Advisor
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist

Fall 2022: Visual Francophone Studies - Les bandes dessinées

MWF 10:10-11:00, Dey 306, Prof. Sean Singh Matharoo (smath006@email.unc.edu)

Ce cours est consacré à la bande dessinée (BD), genre important en Europe, et surtout dans les pays francophones: en premier, la Belgique ainsi que la France, l’Afrique francophone et le Canada. Après avoir discuté de la bande dessinée comme images séquentielles basées sur des formes antérieures, nous étudierons les BD classiques de Tintin et Astérix avant de passer aux œuvres plus récentes qui font partie de la transformation de la BD au roman graphique. *Taught in French. Counts for FREN minor/major.

Prerequisites: FREN 300 or one of the following: FREN 255, 260, 262.

Past Course: Photography in Visual Francophone Studies

The tendency to photograph an object has been discussed by Walter Benjamin as a means of coming closer to reality through its reproduction. The idea of a copy as being more important than the real thing begs the question of how we use images to mediate our relationship to reality and why.


In this class we will explore this curious paradox, looking at how French and Francophone authors and artists of the 20th and 21st centuries have used photography —as a concept or in practice— to represent or trouble our perception of reality. Through the study of novels, critical texts, and works of art we will assess how photography has become integral to our understanding of visual francophone studies in modernist and post-modernist reflections on war, colonialism, and identity. We will explore along the way how the medium of digital photography mediates our experience of the francophone world today. Our class will include a visit to the Ackland museum of Art. In French.


Requisites: Prerequisites, FREN 300, or one of the following: FREN 255260, or 262.