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French for the Health Professions

Wednesdays 4:40–6:10pm, Dey 204, staff

FREN 501 is designed to integrate language study with a healthcare focus for undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and staff who have completed at least two levels (semesters) of French or the equivalent. The purpose of this class is to improve comprehension as well as spoken and written French using text, audio and video documents on current topics in health; expand vocabulary in the field of health; discuss current topics in the field of health; develop a fuller understanding of health care systems in French-speaking regions of the world and compare conditions with those in the United States.

Aimed at health care professionals in a variety of fields, FREN 501 is an all skills course in which students will be participating, in class and online, in a variety of activities designed to practice, consolidate, and improve their French language skills in four areas: listening, speaking, reading, writing. FREN 501 is a language course focused around healthcare with each lesson (and its pre- and post-meeting activities) crafted around vocabulary and grammar structures arising from specific situations in a variety of medical fields.

In this hybrid course, expectations are that for Mondays, students will do pre-activities designed to review communication skills and grammatical concepts, Wednesday they will build on their review with in-class activities on Zoom, and for Fridays they will follow up with oral/written comprehension activities/assignments. All course materials will be online.

Course taught in French. FREN 501 does not fulfill the FL requirement and does not count for the French major. FREN 501 does count for the French minor.