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The Renaissance Mind (in English)

Tu/Th 12:30-1:45, Prof. Toni Veneri (

This is a course about the Renaissance revolution, an extraordinary burst of creativity and innovation that begins in fifteenth-century Italy and ripples through history until our own time.

In the course, we read together a selection of short Renaissance texts by women and men, scientists and artists, philosophers, explorers, and diplomats. We learn to look at Renaissance images: paintings and drawings, sculptures, and buildings. We explore through these sources what interdisciplinary research in the humanities looks and feels like today and help you to shape your voice as a writer and intellectual.

**There are no prerequisites for enrolling. Italian minors and majors have the opportunity to use their language skills here while working towards their degree.

IDEAs in Action Gen Ed:
Making Connections Gen Ed: LA, WB
Counts as elective for Italian Major and Minor
Counts as elective for MEMS (Medieval and Early Modern Studies Minor)