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PORT 420

Portuguese Language and Culture for the Professions

Kristine Taylor 11:15-12:05 MWF

This course offers training in clear, concise professional writing; emphasizing linguistic and cultural proficiency. It provides tools for effective business communication, utilizing concepts from sociolinguistics combined with practical skills we will build effective oral and written communication skills. Course vocabulary covers economics, the environment, business, the workplace and social issues. The course focuses especially on written and spoken fluency for professional use in the job market. Cultural content focuses on important differences between North American and Brazilian business cultures and how those reflect and are reflected by distinctions between the general cultures of the two regions. Transnational relationships between Brazil, USA, Mercosul, Lusophone Africa and the European Community and processes such as immigration, trade fluxes and social justice will be approached through selected texts in Portuguese and illustrated by relevant contemporary cinema.

Prerequisite: PORT 204 or 402 OR permission from instructor.

Gen Ed: BN, CI

Portuguese Undergraduate Advising Team

Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist
Richard Vernon
Director of Portuguese Language Instruction, Portuguese Undergraduate Advisor
Kristine Taylor
Assistant Director of Portuguese Language Instruction