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ROML 793

Graduate Internship in Romance Studies

Prerequisite: Graduate status

Course Description and Goals
This 1-credit internship course allows ROMS graduate students to explore a career path, other than university teaching, in which they can exercise the interests, skills, and competencies cultivated in the PhD program. Examples of appropriate internships may include working with a teacher at a secondary or independent school, shadowing a staff member in university administration, working in a nonprofit, library, museum, or other relevant government agency or private sector employer. Work undertaken for unpaid internships must comply with Federal criteria. Departmental approval is required.
Students will make their own arrangements for the internship, assisted by a bank of contacts/resources/alumni maintained in the department. Students should have a mentor or supervisor on-site as well as a faculty advisor who will be the instructor of record for the ROML 793 section.

Course Requirements and Grading
This is a one credit course. Students commit to an average of 3 hours of work per week for the duration of the semester, including both work on-site and reflection activities. Students are required to:
• Spend an average of 2 hours per week at the worksite, observing and engaging in appropriate tasks as agreed with the worksite supervisor. All tasks should help the student learn about the field in which they are working. The student should be the “primary beneficiary” of these activities.
• Keep a weekly internship journal documenting what they have observed and what activities they have engaged in at the worksite. The journal will be reviewed by the faculty advisor at least twice during the semester.
• Meet at least twice during the semester with the faculty advisor to discuss what they have learned in the internship and plans to fulfill the remainder of the experience.
• Write a 2-page reflection essay at the end of the semester summarizing their experience, what they have learned about the professional field, and how the internship has influenced their post-graduation plans.
The worksite supervisor and faculty advisor will also be in contact at least twice during the semester to check in about the student’s work.
Students who meet all of these expectations will receive an H. Students who miss and fail to make up one week of work/reflection but fulfill all other expectations will automatically receive a P. Students who miss more time at the worksite or who fail to complete more reflection activities without making prior arrangements with the instructor in a given term will not receive credit and will have an individualized plan established to repeat the course if appropriate.

Resource list: Students who wish to enroll in ROML 793 are expected to make their own arrangements for an opportunity that matches their interests. This list of resources/contacts includes offices, agencies, and individuals who have expressed their general willingness to work with ROMS students on an internship. The availability of opportunities may vary from semester to semester. Of course, students are welcome to propose an internship beyond the options on this list. Once you have identified a willing host for your internship, please contact the DGS and GSSM for approval and to register for ROML 793.