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ROML 800: Professional Development for Romance Studies

Wednesdays 2:30-3:20pm Dey 301, Prof. Ellen Welch (

This one-credit course provides a broad overview of the practical knowledge and skills that students will need to succeed in the graduate program in Romance Studies and in a future career. Through in-class activities and meeting guest speakers, students will:

• Develop a comprehensive understanding of expectations and requirements for graduate students in the ROMS PhD program
• Reinforce essential research, writing, time-management, and self-care skills needed to succeed in the program
• Understand how to engage in professional activities in and beyond academia and prepare for professional life after graduation
• Make connections with key resources and contact-people across the university

This is a required course for new graduate students in ROMS. More advanced students are welcome to enroll or to drop into individual sessions as a refresher.