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SPAN 301

Introduction to Literary and Cultural Analysis

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This course prepares students to formulate and to communicate critical analyses of literary and cultural works in at least three genres (theater, poetry, essay, narrative, and film), while placing the readings within a cultural context. In this process students will improve Spanish language proficiency and appreciation of different world views through literature and culture.

Note: SPAN 301 is the prerequisite for all upper-level literature courses and is required for the Hispanic Literatures and Cultures major. It can also serve as the prerequisite for the Hispanic Studies minor and as the additional course above 300 for the Spanish Minor for the Professions.

Requisites: Prerequisite, SPAN 261 or SPAN 267.


Spanish Undergraduate Advising Team

Gosia Lee
Hispanic Literatures & Cultures Major, Hispanic Studies Minor Advisor
Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Hispanic Linguistics Major Advisor
Hélène de Fays
Interim Spanish Translation & Interpreting Minor Advisor
Elizabeth Bruno
Spanish Minor for the Professions
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist