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SPAN 328

Spanish for the Medical Professions (Second Semester)

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This is a seventh-semester course, taken after SPAN 321. This course will build on and continue to develop language skills and knowledge acquired in the previous course within the healthcare context. The focus shifts from basic medical terminology to a deeper study of health, including the systems and functions of the human body, illnesses and diseases, and cultural aspects of health and illness. The course emphasizes the importance of cultural competency as it relates to healthcare.

Note: This course is only available to students in the Spanish Minor for the Professions.

Requisites: Prerequisites SPAN 321

Spanish Undergraduate Advising Team

Gosia Lee
Hispanic Literatures & Cultures Major, Hispanic Studies Minor Advisor
Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Hispanic Linguistics Major Advisor
Hélène de Fays
Interim Spanish Translation & Interpreting Minor Advisor
Elizabeth Bruno
Spanish Minor for the Professions
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist