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Hispanic Film: The Good, the Bad and the Other: Latinos in Hollywood and Hispanic Cinema

Instructor: Prof. Abel Muñoz-Hermoso

Survey course on Hispanic cinema with a focus on the representation of Hispanics in the USA and in their own countries. Students will reflect on the similarities and differences between the representation of the Latino population in the films produced in different regions. Emphasis will be placed on the analysis of social opinions, attitudes, and biases when watching films in Spanish.

PrerequisitesSPAN 261 or 267

IDEAs in Action Gen Ed: FC-Knowing
Making Connections Gen Ed: VP, GL

Previously Offered: Spring 2023, Fall 2021

Spanish Undergraduate Advising Team

Martha Ruiz-Garcia
Spanish Advisor (Hispanic Linguistics Major)
Sheena Melton
Undergraduate Student Services Specialist
Elizabeth Bruno
Spanish Advisor (Spanish for the Professions Minor)
Loida Slate
Spanish Advisor (Translation & Interpreting Minor)
Gosia Lee
Undergraduate Advisor of Spanish & Italian
Spanish & Italian
Elizabeth Tolman
Spanish Advisor (Hispanic Studies Major)