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SPAN 381

Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry

Specific topics to be announced in advance by the instructor.

Requisites: Prerequisite, SPAN 371 or 373.

Spring 2023: Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry: Revelations of Self and Other

Instructor: Prof. Alicia Rivero

Great poems can reveal the secrets of the soul or the essence of the self and its circumstances, as well as the imagination. Poetic texts from Spain and Latin(x) America represent a wide spectrum of topics that range from an idealized, sublime love, or even a transcendent mysticism, to those that center on other types of relationships or experiences such as: friendship; solidarity; political engagement; suffering; Otherness; migration; diaspora; nature; death; satire; writing poetry, etc. We’ll explore various types of poems from varying periods of time, as well as review how to analyze poetry. The selected poems that we’ll study in Spanish provide an invaluable window on the regions, societies, histories, and peoples of Spain and Latin(x) America, as well as on their writers, who have different nationalities, genders, races, and ethnicities. Work for the course entails: two tests; a final exam; a presentation; a research paper; active class participation.

Fall 2022: Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry: Masterpieces of Spanish and Spanish American Poetry. (La muerte viva de la poesía hispánica).

Instructor: Prof. Juan Carolos González-Espitia

This course offers an alternative look at poetry as a dynamic cultural product that vibrates between what is deemed cultured and the popular. We will trace the evolution of traditional poetic forms to the present day and observe how they are manifest beyond the written text. Robust discussions on the intersections of gender, race, ethnicity, class, politics, and power in the Hispanic world. Advanced development of skills in literary analysis. Through oral and written discussion, students will improve their ability to express complex ideas in Spanish and extend their understanding of Hispanic cultures in order to prepare for more advanced studies.

Prerequisite: SPAN 371 or SPAN 373

Fall 2021 - Studies in Spanish and Spanish American Poetry: Masterpieces of Spanish and Spanish American Poetry (La muerte viva de la poesía hispánica)

Instructor: Prof. Juan Carlos Gonzalez Espitia

Este curso está diseñado para ofrecer una mirada alternativa a la poesía como producto cultural dinámico que vibra entre lo culto y lo popular. Haremos intentos de trazado de la evolución de formas poéticas tradicionales hasta nuestros días y observaremos cómo se manifiestan más allá del texto escrito. Desarrollo avanzado de habilidades en el análisis literario. Por medio de la discusión oral y escrita, el/la estudiante mejorará su capacidad de expresarse en español y extenderá su comprensión de las culturas hispanas con el fin de prepararse para estudios más avanzados.

Fall 2020 -Ay amor

SPAN 381 is an exploration of love and its many forms as seen by authors from the Iberian Peninsula and Latin America from the Middle Ages to the Present, from the Medieval jarchas to today’s haikus, from classical sonnets to Romantic odes. Examples of readings: Garcilaso’s sonnets, Bécquer’s Rimas y leyendas, Gabriela Mistral’s Sonetos de la Muerte, Lorca’s Sonetos del amor oscuro, Pablo Neruda’s Veinte poemas de amor y una canción desesperada and many contemporary authors. The course also has a creative component.

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