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SPAN 416: Languages of the Americas I

Fall 2023: Introduction To Yucatec Maya

Instructor: Katelyn Smith, GTF

In this course, students will receive a comprehensive introduction to Yucatec Mayan history, culture, language, and literary forms. Yucatec Maya is spoken throughout the Yucatán Peninsula and Belize. It is part of a larger family of Maya languages still spoken today in Mesoamerica and Central America. It is the second largest Maya language, with the majority of speakers living in the state of Yucatán. Students will learn about the linguistic consequences of Maya-Spanish contact in the Yucatán Peninsula as well as its cultural significance in the region. For this introductory course, the grammar content will begin with a focus on sounds and tones and gradually incorporate dialogues as well as readings in the target language with the goal of understanding and formulating basic conversation, reading, and writings skills. Spanish 416 is designed for students with advanced proficiency in Portuguese, Spanish, or other Romance Languages.

Note: This course counts towards all Spanish minors and majors.

Prerequisite: None