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Pedro Lopes de Almeida

Pedro Lopes de Almeida

Teaching Assistant Professor
Dey Hall 138

About Professor Lopes de Almeida

My research focuses primarily on issues of representation, historically marginalized communities and identities, object-oriented issues, ecology and the environment, posthumanism, transnationalism, and decoloniality in Brazil, Portugal, and Angola. My research interests also include literary theory and Portuguese and Brazilian cinema, as well as curriculum development in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning, with a focus on creative and socially aware approaches to language instruction.

I hold a B.A. in Portuguese and Lusophone Studies (2009), an M.A. in Literary, Cultural, and Interart Studies with a specialization in Literary Theory (2012), both from the University of Porto, Portugal, and a Ph.D. in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies from Brown University, USA (2021).

I have previously taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara (2013-2015); in 2018-2019 I held a Mellon Graduate Fellowship in Collaborative Humanities from the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University, and in 2021-2022 I taught at Brown University as Deans' Faculty Fellow in the Department of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies.

Publications, Articles, & Presentations

Refereed Articles:

“Espelhos de Narciso, mimetismos imperiais: notas à margem do Portugal de Sacheverell Sitwell,” Forma Breve, número 17 (2021) “Olhares de Narciso: Egotismo e Alienação,” DOI:, University of Aveiro, Portugal, 163-178.

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“Straight-line labyrinth: some remarks on the status of representation in theory.” Journal JIOP, vol. 1, no. 3, 2013. Maringá State University, Brazil, 31-56.

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(with SILVA, Maria Inês de Castro) “'Stripped Babylon' or dwelling the earth in verses by Alberto Pimenta: an ecocritical approach.” Proceedings of the Conference “Ecocriticism Journeys: 'Trends and trajectories of literary criticism in post-modernity. Ecocriticism and other attempts / temptations of the Text and Literature.' Department of Portuguese and Romance Studies, Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, 2009, 112-127.

Book chapters:

(with MARQUES, Maria Inês) "'No man can put all the world in a book': On the Concept of Scientific Representation in Cormac McCarthy's Blood Meridian," in Exchanges between Literature and Science from the 1800s to the 2000s: Converging Realms (ed. by Márcia Lemos and Miguel Ramalhete Gomes). Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2017, 62-74.

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“Para uma poética do gesto no tempo. Notas acerca do conceito de memória, a partir das noções de “narrativa histórica” e cripto-judaísmo,” in Derivas: Estética(s) e Artes — IV (ed. by Eugénia Vilela). Porto, Afrontamento, 2012, 109-124.

“From discourse-theory to testimony-theory: inquiries into critical epistemology,” in Estética, Cultura Material e Diálogos Intersemióticos. University of Minho (Portugal) and Húmus Publishing House, 2012, 279-290.