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Fall 2023

Graduate Courses being offered in Fall 2023

These are courses that may be of interest to graduate students.  Level 800 courses are available only to graduate students.

Language classes numbered 401 and 402 may be taken by ROMS students, but these courses do not count towards credit hours for your degree.

This list is for reference purposes only.  Please check ConnectCarolina for all official course offerings & meeting times for the semester.

FREN 561
La littérature du XVIe siècle : La passion et la violence
FREN 601
French for Reading Knowledge
FREN 690
Artifice and Intelligence
ITAL 830
Reading Claustrophobia
SPAN 601
Spanish for Reading Proficiency
SPAN 742
Poiesis in Spanish America: Evolving Roles of Authors and Readers
SPAN 834
Seminar in Peninsular Spanish Literature and Culture — Cervantes’s Masterpieces
SPAN 835
Seminar in Spanish American Literature
ROML 578
Comparative History of the Romance Languages
ROML 698
Ecology and Poetry: Italy in Global Conversation
ROML 700
Theories and Techniques of Teaching
ROML 793
Graduate Internship in Romance Studies