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Caro Register

Ph.D. Student

At UNC since 2022
Advised by Professor Oswaldo Estrada
Dey Hall 215


B.A Languages, Literatures and Cultures, Spanish Concentration- Appalachian State University (2021) summa cum laude

B.A Global Studies, Inter-American Relationships and Dynamics Concentration- Appalachian State University (2021) summa cum laude

M.A Romance Languages, Spanish College Teaching Concentration (2022)

About Caro

Caro Register is a PhD student in the Spanish department at UNC Chapel Hill. After earning her master’s degree at Appalachian State University, she decided to attend UNC to further develop her fascination with the literary and cultural production of the Hispanic world. As an undergraduate student, Caro received Spanish departmental honors after defending her thesis entitled “La cacería y la presa: una exploración del trauma migrante y la violencia patriarcal en La fila india”, in which she explored the multifaceted and complex relationship between trauma and marginalized identities in the context of migration in Mexico.

At UNC, Caro specializes in 20th and 21st century Latin American and LatinX literature and cultural studies, with particular interest in post-humanism, environmental humanities, human-animal relationships, trauma, and violence against the animal Other. Her forthcoming article entitled “Interlocking Oppressions and Violence Towards the Animal Other in Pilar Quintana’s La perra” explores Quintana’s novel from a Post-human framework, arguing that she subverts traditional discourses of animality by highlighting how human social structures institutionalize and perpetuate subjective, systemic and symbolic violence against humans and non-human animals alike.

When not doing research or teaching Spanish, you can find Caro reading, running, and spending time with her animals and plants. She also proudly works as a producer, editor, writer, and host for the ROMS Podcast.


Register, Caro. "Interlocking Oppressions and Violence Towards the Animal Other in Pilar Quintana’s La perra". Confluencia: Revista Hispánica de Cultura y Literatura, vol. 40, no. 1, Fall 2024 (Forthcoming)

Book Reviews

Register, Caro. Review of "Escrituras geológicas" by Cristina Rivera Garza. Latin American Literary Review, vol 50, no 101, 2023, pp. 84-5. DOI: 10.26824/lalr.378.

ROMS Podcast Episodes Produced, Written, and Hosted

Register, Caro, host. "Café Cortado: Bringing Writers Together." ROMS Podcast, episode 4, April 2023,

Register, Caro, host. "Critical Conversations: Language Learning and University Life with ADHD." ROMS Podcast, episode 10, April 2024. (Forthcoming)


“Space, Place and Insilio in Trilce (1922).” Carolina Conference for Romance Studies (CCRS), March 2023.

"Narrating and 'Voicing' the Animal: An Analysis of Focalization and Non-focalized Animal Characters in Anaconda". Carolina Conference for Romance Studies (CCRS), April 2024.

Typical Courses Taught

Spanish 105: Spanish for High Beginners

Spanish 102: Elementary Spanish II

Spanish 203: Intermediate Spanish I