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Emma Monroy

PH. D. Graduate in French
Graduated from UNC in 2022


M.A. French and Francophone Studies. University of North Carolina at Greensboro

B.A. English and French Studies. Rice University

About Emma

Emma specializes in twentieth and twenty-first century French and Francophone studies. Her current interests include visual culture, text and image studies, digital humanities, and the politics of francophonie. Her dissertation, “Total Encounter: Theorizing Text-Image Collaborations from the Francophone Caribbean,” examines how these collaborations work to frame larger contemporary discussions around decoloniality, Edouard Glissant’s theory of Relation, and the role of the reader. While at UNC, Emma has served as a co-organizer for the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies, the Tournées French Film Festival, and the ROMS Colloquium Series, a monthly departmental forum for graduate students and professors receive feedback on their works in progress. Her paper for the 2015 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies International Colloquium was selected for the “Recherche au présent” prize. In 2017, she received the Lovick P. Corn Dissertation Fellowship and an accompanying membership in the Royster Society of Fellows for the academic year. She is currently collaborating on the RSHHGG Lab, an interactive online index of the Revue de la Société Haïtienne d’Histoire, de Géographie et de Géologie.


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Sienkiewicz, H.C., K.G. Mauceri, E.C. Howell, and D.L. Bibeau. “Untapped Resources: Refugee Employment Experiences in Central North Carolina.” Work 45 (2013): 17-24.


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“Édouard Glissant as Curator: The Place of the Museum in the Tout-Monde.” MLA Convention, LLC Francophone panel. New York City, NY. January 2018.

“Seeing Time: The Graphic Novel as Decolonial Practice.” International Colloquium for 20th- and 21st-Century French and Francophone Studies, Bloomington, IN. April 2017.

“Visualizing Creoleness in the Graphic Novel: Chamoiseau’s Encyclomerveille.” Carolina Conference for Romance Studies, UNC-CH. April 2016.

“Creating Space: Zeina Abirached’s Mourir partir revenir, Le jeu des hirondelles.” International Colloquium of 20th and 21st Centuries French and Francophone Studies, Baton Rouge, LA. February 2015.

“Building Nations: The Rhetoric of Joachim Du Bellay and Aimé Césaire.” Politics/Aesthetics: A Transnational Turn? Graduate Student Symposium, Northwestern University. May 2014.

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“The Negritude Movement as Transgression in Cahier d’un retour au pays natal.” Brown University. April 2012.

“Strategies for Interviewing Refugees Resettled Under a Settlement House Model.” International Conference on Methods for Surveying and Enumerating Hard-to-Reach Populations, New Orleans, LA. October/November 2012.

Typical Courses Taught

As Instructor of Record, in collaboration:

FREN 102: Elementary French II

FREN 105: French for High Beginners

FREN 203: Intermediate French I

FREN 204: Intermediate French II

Course Coordinator:

FREN 105: French for High Beginners (2016-2017)

FREN 204: Intermediate French II (Fall 2018)

Instructor of Record, taught independently:

FREN 300: French Composition and Grammar Review

FREN 260: Literature in the French Speaking World

LAC (Languages Across the Curriculum) recitation leader:

GLBL 210: Global Issues + FREN 308: LAC Recitation

Graduate Research Consultant:

FREN 285: Sex, Philosophy, and Politics: Revolutions in French Literature, 1721-1834.