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Israel Perez Medina

Ph.D. Student

At UNC since 2022
Advised by Professor Oswaldo Estrada
Dey 317


B.A Spanish philology: double major: Spanish linguistics and peninsular literature, Universidad de Burgos (Spain), 2019.

M.A Foreign Language and Literature, NC State, 2022

About Israel

Israel earned his M.A. from North Carolina State University, where he wrote a thesis on the subversive perspectives of Mexican society as depicted by contemporary Mexican women writers.

Israel now works on the rich and often underexplored narratives offered by immigrant writers, adopting a transatlantic approach. He analyzes how these immigrant narratives, particularly those emerging from transatlantic experiences, challenge and redefine traditional gender roles and cultural identities. Israel's work is characterized by its interdisciplinary nature, drawing from fields such as gender studies, migration studies, and cultural theory. He offers a unique perspective on how immigrant writers use their craft not only as a form of self-expression but also as a means to negotiate and reconstruct their identities in the face of cross-cultural dynamics.


Teacher Assistantship at NC STATE (2020-2022)


Perez Medina, Israel. “Globalización, Marginalidad y Espacios En Desierto Sonoro de Valeria Luiselli y Páradais de Fernanda Melchor.” Articulos Imex, vol. 3, 2023, pp. 33–49,

Book Reviews

Perez Medina, Israel. “Licata, Nicolas, Yanna Hadatti Mora y Kristine Vanden Berghe (eds.). Tradición y transgresión. Ensayos críticos sobre la obra de Guadalupe Nettel. Lieja: Press Universitaires de Liege, 196 páginas.” Artículos Imex vol.4, 2024.

---. “Perkowska, Magdalena y Werner Mackenbach, Eds. Escritura(s) En Femenino En Las Literaturas Centroamericanas, ¿Una Cuestión de Género? Raleigh: Editorial A Contracorriente, 2022. 244pp.” A Contracorriente: Una Revista de Estudios Latinoamericanos, vol. 20, no. 3, May 2023, pp. 239–42.


El Virus de la ideología en Jamás el fuego nunca de Diamela (2007) Eltit. Oral presentation for the FHIS 9th Biennial Graduate Conference 2021 (University British Columbia): In-Between Normalities. Care, Persistence, and the (Re)Imagination of Life.

NC State Graduate Student conference 2022.

Typical Courses Taught

SPAN 105: Spanish for High Beginners.

SPAN 203: Intermediate Spanish I.

IDST 117: Triple-I: Experiencing Latin America: Bodies, Belonging, Nature and Data Literacy Lab