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Jorge Espinosa

Ph.D. Student
Hispanic Linguistics

At UNC since 2022
Dey 217


M.A. Foreign Languages and Literature; Hispanic Linguistics concentration. North Carolina State University, 2022.

B.A. Languages and Intercultural Studies; Hispanic studies concentration. Minor in Linguistics. Coastal Carolina University, 2020.

B.A. Psychology, Universidad Marista, Ciudad de México.

About Jorge

Jorge Espinosa is a PhD student in Hispanic Linguistics in the Romance Studies Department at UNC - Chapel Hill. He earned his master’s degree at NC State, with his dissertation: “Lexical differences between Mexican and Central Americans in North Carolina”, looking at the level of use and familiarity of lexicon associated with different dialectal communities.

His linguistic interests are focused on sociolinguistics, pragmatics, languages in contact, and Spanish of the US, focusing on the diversity of Hispanic dialects in the region.

Typical Courses Taught

SPAN 105 - Spanish for High Beginners