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Valentina Graziuso

Ph.D. Student

At UNC since 2018
Advised by Professor Serenella Iovino
Dey Hall 319


  • Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MA Italian Studies, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • MA Linguistics and Web Technology, University Marburg, Germany
  • BA Linguistics and Cultural Mediation, Orientale University of Naples, Italy
  • About Valentina

    Valentina is a doctoral student and teaching assistant in the Department of Romance Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her academic background reflects her multidisciplinary interests and cross-cultural experiences. After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Italy, where she studied English and French Literature, Linguistics and Translation, Valentina moved to Germany to gain a Master of Arts in English Linguistics. At the time she spent a semester abroad at the Northern Caribbean University of Mandeville - Jamaica, where she researched on the implementation of distance-education in the content of developing countries.

    At UNC, Valentina specializes in Modern – Contemporary Italian Literature and Environmental Humanities. Her current research interests include Posthumanism, Animal Studies, Ecofeminist Theology, and Multispecies ontology. Currently working on her research dissertation, she is focusing on the study of hybridity and metamorphosis as tools for literary representation of marginalized identities, human-nature relation and spirituality in the work by the Twentieth-century Italian novelist Anna Maria Ortese.


    Graziuso, V. (2023). Convenzioni matrimoniali, emancipazione e consenso femminile in epoca medioevale: La voce della Compiuta Donzella di Firenze. Forum Italicum.

    Awards & Honors

  • 2021 Dana B. Drake Award for Excellence in Teaching Italian
  • Typical Courses Taught

  • ITAL 101 – Elementary Italian I
  • ITAL 102 – Elementary Italian II
  • ITAL 203 – Intermediate Italian I
  • ITAL 204 – Intermediate Italian II
  • ITAL 402 – Intermediate Accelerated Italian II
  • GRC – Graduate Research Consultant for ITAL 320 Cities and Cultures. History, Power, and Ecology - Fall 2022.