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Travel request for reimbursement of University-Related Travel Expenses (Conferences, Panels, Research Trips, etc.)

Departmental grants, up to $500, are intended to help defray travel and subsistence expenses incurred in the presentation of a paper at a conference, or for students who have confirmed job interviews at the MLA convention.

Graduate Student Travel Request Application

  • The letter of application should be addressed to Dr. Carmen Hsu (Director of Graduate Studies) and co-signed by a faculty member. This letter should include a brief explanation of the nature of the conference, a brief explanation of your paper or other reason for attending, as well as a budget for airfare, gas/rental expenses, hotel charges, etc. Please also include the invitation to present or to attend an interview.
  • Have you applied for travel funds with other units, such as the Graduate School or the GPSF? If so, how much have they committed?