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Ph.D. Student in Spanish | Dey 117

At UNC Since 2016

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BA, Spanish Language and Literature, Summa Cum Laude; Minor: Writing, North Carolina Central University, 2016.

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Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Darío Puñal has experienced firsthand the still ongoing effects of colonialism on Argentine culture. Darío is passionate about understanding the unconscious colonial mentality of the Cono Sur region of South America through the literature that has emerged from the region, as well as the activism and progressive literature of the River Plate region in modern times. He was actively involved in tutoring and mentoring students while an undergraduate at North Carolina Central University, and plans to continue such work throughout his graduate studies at UNC. Darío will begin pursuing a PhD in Spanish with the Department of Romance Languages at UNC this coming August, 2016.

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