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Professor Emeritus of Italian |

At UNC since 2005

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Ph.D. in Comparative Literature and Italian Studies, Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2001.
Doctorate in Philosophy, Università degli Studi di Torino, 2000.

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Adjunct Professor of Comparative Literature and Communication Studies

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Federico Luisetti’s essays, books, and teaching are situated at the intersection of philosophy and literary criticism, visual studies and the history of ideas. His research interests and publications range from the Avant-gardes and vitalisms to political thought and current debates in “Italian Theory.” He is currently writing a monograph examining, across disciplinary fields and national traditions, the modern genealogy and contemporary redefinition of the epistemic device of the state of nature.


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[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-group”]Typical Courses[/iconheading]

He offers courses on the Avant-gardes and neo-Avant-gardes, modern and contemporary Italian literature, Italian cinema and visual culture, biopolitics and critical theory, postcolonial studies and literary theory.

[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-pencil”]Recently Directed Dissertations[/iconheading]

He has directed dissertations on topics such as: Representations of China in Contemporary Italian Literature and Cinema; Crepuscular Poetry; Futurists’ Communicative Strategies; The Intellectual as a Detective: from Leonardo Sciascia to Roberto Saviano; Fascism and the Politics of Representation in Interwar America; Representation of Political Violence in Post-War Italy; Reading the Other in Women Playwriting; Post-Neorealist Italian Film; Marguerite Caetani and the International Literary Review “Botteghe Oscure;” The Child in Neorealist Literature and Cinema; Pirandello’s Theater.

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Professor Luisetti is not currently accepting new advisees.