Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish

redick@email.unc.edu | Dey 124

At UNC since 2006


PhD. University of Salamanca, Spain


Alan L. Redick is a polyglot and polymath scholar with a strong passion for student centered learning. His research delves extensively into the relationship and connectivity between philosophy, language, literature and culture. Born in Asunción, Paraguay where he spent his childhood and early youth. He studied at the National University of Asunción where he got his bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Literature, at the same time he also finished four out of six years of Law School. He grew up speaking three languages: Spanish, Guarany and English, in addition to some Portuguese. In Connecticut he studied Theology and from there went to the University of Salamanca, Spain for his doctoral degree in Classical Philology (Greek and Latin), under the guidance of Antonio López Eire, where he obtained an “s. cum laude.” From those years he published a book entitled Del Ritual a la Poesía: Homero (=From Ritual to Poetry: Homer). In Freiburg, Germany he continued his studies in Philosophy (Epistemology, Ontology and Axiology) under one of Martin Heidegger’s disciples, Friedrich-Wilhelm von Hermann. In Paris he devoted himself to the study of Anthropology and Art History. There he met Giovanna Pessoa Melo de Lampedusa who introduced him to Claude Lévi-Strauss.

In 2006 he started teaching at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Currently, he is a faculty member in the Department of Romance Studies where he teaches Spanish, Literature and Latin for graduate students. Among other things Alan is also a painter. He presented his oil paintings at several local exhibitions in Orange County.

Philosophy, Philology, Literature, Hermeneutics, Religious Studies, Anthropology, Political Science and Art

Areas of Research and Interests

  • Classical (Ancient Greek and Latin)
  • Medieval & Colonial
  • Politics of Education
  • Guarany -History and Ethnography
  • Utopias
  • Poetry and Rhetoric
  • Comparative Literature
  • Literary Theory
  • History of Ideas


Redick, A. Die Phenomenologie der Goethichtian Faust. – Freiburg : Armin, 2004. – 230 p.

Redick, Alan L. Del Ritual a la poesía: Homero. – Salamanca : Universidad de Salamanca, 2005. – 540 p.

Typical Courses

Span 203 Intermediate Spanish I

Span 300 Introduction to Hispanic Literature

Graduate Courses:

ROML 860 Latin