Teaching Assistant Professor of Spanish

anels031@email.unc.edu | Dey 139



In a desire to maintain, develop and expand an understanding of my Mexican culture and language, I returned to school to receive my BA in Spanish and continued my studies with a Master’s in Spanish at the University of New Mexico. In 2016, I was awarded a doctorate from Florida International University (FIU). My doctoral thesis focused on epistolary novels written by women and spans a large historical and transatlantic area in Spain and Latin America. During the spring of 2017, I received a fellowship to expand my research at FIU as a visiting associate professor. I was formerly on the faculty at the University of Mississippi as the Visiting Croft Assistant Professor of Spanish; and at Ball State University as an Assistant Professor of Spanish. Currently, I am a Teaching Assistant Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching Spanish language courses. In the language courses, my goal is to promote a sustainable acquisition of Spanish and stimulate interest in the Hispanic culture. Similarly, I strive to assist my students in the development of their communicative and writing skills in the Spanish language. I value the benefits received with not only a local education, but also the expansion of one’s global viewpoint through international study, which can offer broader cultural perspectives and social diversity. I have traveled to Mexico, Spain, and Argentina.