Teaching Associate Professor of Spanish

lindquis@email.unc.edu | Dey 216

At UNC since 2005


Ph. D. 2005. Romance Languages, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A. 1994, Spanish Literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City
B.A. 1992, Spanish Language and Literature, University of Utah, Salt Lake City


Dr. Lindquist is a medievalist with Merlin and King Arthur in all their incarnations as the center of her academic research. When it comes to research, Lindquist is torn between teaching and scholarly research. The main focus of her research is the Arthurian Legend’s literary texts and its representation in art and film, as well as the influence of XVII century Dutch landscapist in Golden Age Spain. She has collaborated with Dr. Glynis Cowell and Audrey L. Heining-Boynton for ¡Anda: Curso elemental para estudiantes avanzados! (2012).

She delights in serving as the Master Class instructor and Coordinator for SPAN 105.  Her dedication in the classroom is evident as she researches the materials the students receive in her classes, guiding the students to understand the methods, techniques, and strategies the authors use to produce meaning that stimulates the students’ emotions and challenges their belief systems about social and cultural mores and norms so that they can relate them to their personal experience. Her dedication is also evident in her role as coordinator, ensuring that instructors feel comfortable and supported while pushing them to achieve the excellence of teaching required at UNC.

Lindquist also serves on the Ackland Planning Committee (2012-Present), as a mentor for the Carolina Covenant Scholarship (2012-Present), in the Office of Undergraduate Research Committee (2011-Present),as a University Hearing Board Member (2012-Present), as the Spanish House Faculty Liaison (2007-Present), and as the sponsoring faculty member of the UNC Ski-Snowboard Team (March 2011-Present).


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  • Lawbreakers in Hansel and Gretel.” Luis Marcelino Gómez, Ed. Upcoming Publication, Sept. 2015.
  • “Medieval Depiction of Spaces: Battle and Tournament Fields in the Tristan and Ysold Legend.” Adriano Duque, Ed. La Corónica. Vol. 44.1 (Fall 2015): 47-77.
  • “Garden Spaces in Thomas of Brittain’s Trystram & Ysolt” Adriano Duque, Ed. Up coming Publication, 2013.
  • “Merlin: Rethinking Good and Evil in Arthurian Romance.”
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  • “Rethinking the Arthurian Legend Transmission in the Iberian Peninsula.” eHumanista Vol.7 (2006): 72-86.

Typical Courses

  • SPAN 102 Elementary Spanish II
  • SPAN 105 Spanish for High Beginners
  • SPAN 260 Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Literature
  • Spanish Summer Immersion