Postdoctoral Fellow of Spanish & Portuguese | Dey 221

At UNC since 2018


PhD, Cornell University
M.A., Fluminense Federal University
B.A., Federal University of Rio de Janeiro


André Keiji Kunigami’s interests revolve around questions of perception, spectatorship, and temporality in the early 20th century so-called peripheral modern spaces, focusing on Brazil and Japan. With particular interest in the intercrossing of phenomenology, historical materialism, critical race studies, and film and media theory, Keiji understands the circulation of the filmic image not only as a global circuit of commodities, but also as a space of friction of embodied experiences and desires particular to modernity’s historical mapping. At UNC, he will work on revising his dissertation “Of Clouds and Bodies: Film and the Dislocation of Vision in Brazilian and Japanese Interwar Avant-garde” into a book manuscript. In it, he examines the transformation of notions such as “movement,” “vision,” “life,” and “history” through the encounter with the filmic experience, and its particular political implications to the peripheral avant-garde elites and their modernizing projects.

Prior to joining UNC as a Carolina Postdoctoral Fellow, Keiji taught history of Brazilian and world cinema at the Fluminense Federal University (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro).