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Assistant Professor of Spanish | Dey 323

(919) 962-7111

At UNC since 2015


Ph.D., University of Georgia, 2015
M.A., American University, 2009
M.A.Ed., Virginia Tech, 2006
B.A., Virginia Tech, 2005

Research Interests

  • Historical and comparative Romance linguistics, particularly within Ibero-Romance
  • Generative syntax, particularly cliticization and left-peripheral effects
  • Language change, particularly grammaticalization
  • Sociolinguistic and sociopragmatic variation, particularly discourse marker usage as an indicator of social identity

Typical Courses

-Currently Offered Courses-
SPAN 360, Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (regularly offered)
SPAN 676, Advanced Spanish Phonology (Spring semesters of even-numbered years)
SPAN 678, History of the Spanish Language (Fall semesters of even-numbered years)
SPAN 679, Spanish Pragmatics (Spring semesters of odd-numbered years

ROML (LING) 578, Comparative History of the Romance Languages (Fall semesters of odd-numbered years)

-Proposed New Courses-
SPAN 684, Spanish Dialectology and Variation

Awards & Honors

Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity, 2015-2017


 For information on Dr. Graham’s scholarly activity, click here.

Professor Graham is currently accepting new advisees.