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Dana B. Drake Teaching Fellow of Spanish |


Ph.D., Hispanic Literature at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
M.A., Spanish studies at North Carolina State University
B.A., Spanish studies at East Carolina University
B.A., Advertising at University of the Basque Country


Nieves González main research interests are 20th century Iberian culture and history focusing on women representation in different canonical and non-canonical cultural artifacts such as films, literature, music, and advertising. Her work explores social questions by applying an interdisciplinary approach that includes theoretical frameworks and methodologies from other disciplines such as music, art, film theory, women studies, feminist theory, feminist film theory, and cultural studies. Nieves has taught a variety of courses at NC State, ECU, and UNC including introductory, intermediate and advanced level Spanish language, both face to face and online, as well as Spanish for Medical Professions. She also has worked as a co-coordinator for SPAN 105 in 2019 and, during her time at UNC, she has organized a seminar and fulfilled different Professional Developments to better serve students from different backgrounds and the community. Finally, Nieves is interested in developing courses that provide an inclusive environment from a gender perspective to improve students’ language proficiency, but also their cultural understanding.


SPAN 105 – Elementary Spanish I-II

SPAN 203 – Intermediate Spanish I

SPAN 261 – Advanced Spanish in Context

SPAN 321 – Spanish for the Medical Professions