Ph.D. Student in Italian

Advised by Professor Federico Luisetti | Dey 213

At UNC Since 2015


M.A., Modern and Comparative Cultures, University of Turin (Italy), 2013
B.A., Modern Italian Literature, University of Siena (Italy), 2010


Francesco is a 3rd-year Ph.D. candidate in Italian Studies.

In his B.A. thesis, he worked on the representation of commodities and‏ on the influence of marketing and commercial television‏ on language and imaginary, while in his M.A. thesis, he focused on recent Italian short-story anthologies conceived as a specific tool capable not only of critically investigating Italian literature since the 1990s but also of‏ showing that the system of relations and practices‏ in which literary activity is involved, is essential in making sense of the properties of the texts.

His current interests lie mainly within the area of modern Italian and American culture and literature, with particular regard to the relationship between Law and Literature as well as on the relationship between publishing market and literary genres.

His research project focuses on the representation of the trial in Modern and Contemporary Italian literature, with particular regards to authors such as Manzoni, Sciascia, Carofiglio etc. He is also interested in the comparative aspects of the different literary representations of the functioning of Judicial Machinery in different areas and traditions.


  • “Nuove progettualità: le antologie di minimum fax”, Enthymema, XVII 2017


Italian 101, 102, 203, 204