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Ph.D. Student in Spanish

Advised by | Dey 317 At UNC Since 2020

[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-graduation-cap”]Education[/iconheading]
  • M.A. Spanish – University of Alabama 2019
  • Juris Doctorate – Quinnipiac University School of Law 2015
  • B.A. Spanish and Classical Mediterranean Languages – University of Connecticut 2012
[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-user”]Bio[/iconheading]

James’ fascination with Spanish began in childhood with time spent with his Castilian Spanish grandmother and it has been a central element of his life ever since. James was previously a practicing immigration attorney but returned to academia to pursue his passion for the Spanish language.

James’ interests include the presence of ethnic Greeks within the Late Medieval and Early Modern Hispanic world, Hispano-Muslim and Sephardic diaspora communities in the broader Mediterranean cultural region, and religious syncretism among indigenous and mestizo Andean societies.

[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-group”]Regular Courses Taught[/iconheading]
  • SPAN 105 – Spanish for High Beginners