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Ph.D. Student in Spanish | Dey 115

At UNC Since 2020


M.A. in Spanish Literature at Korea University in Aug. 2020.
B.A. in Spanish Language and Literature with double major in Economics at Korea University in Feb. 2018.


Jeonghwan is a doctoral candidate specializing contemporary Latin American Literature. His previous interests included Latin American Fantastic Literature of Borges and Cortázar. Now, his current interests cover Latin American contemporary works in relation with the Baroque features. With his one-year exchange student experience in Guadalajara, Mexico, and a research-based travel to Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia, he also shows a great interest on the cultural and social characteristics of Latin America and endeavors to investigate positive aspects of them through their literary works.

As one of this intent, his Master’s degree thesis, El resplandor profético de la melancolía barroca en Cien años de soledad (Aug. 2020), contemplates the meaning of the Baroque melancholy in accordance with its root from the Ancient and the Renaissance in Cien años de soledad, revitalizing the virtue of melancholy, to touch the embedded hope in the work of García Márquez.

He has various experiences of fellowships and awards. Most notably, throughout 2019, He has been awarded 2019 Graduate Scholarship Grant by the Korean Government’s Korea Student Aid Foundation for his individual research project, “Aureliano Babilonia, santificado en Cien años de soledad“. In this research, he tries to analyse the last character of Cien años de soledad in terms of the Baroque melancholy and give a positive perspective on the future of Latin America. Furthermore, on Feb. 25, 2020, he was awarded 2019 KU Graduate Student Achievement Award by the Graduate School of Korea University for his academic activties in 2019.

In UNC at Chapel Hill, he tries to realize in-depth studies on the Contemporary meaning of the Baroque in Contemporary Latin American Literature, especially, Avant-Garde, Neobaroque, Magical Realism, Marvelous Real, and Fantastic Literature.


Conferences and Seminars

  • Kim, Jeonghwan. “La virtud de la melancolía y su aceptación barroca”. Written in Korean. 2019 Winter Conference of the Korean Association of Baroque Studies Program. Korea University. Korea, November 30, 2019: 7-30.
  • Kim, Jeonghwan. “Cien años de soledad en el tiempo barroco”. Written in Korean. 2018 Winter Conference of the Korean Association of Hispanic Studies Program. Korea University. Korea, December 15, 2018: 211-217.
  • Kim, Jeonghwan. “Los episodios presos en un instante–La estructura temporal de Cien años de soledad–”. Written in Spanish. 2018 Summer Conference of the Korean Association of Hispanic Studies Program. Busan University of Foreign Studies. Korea, June 16, 2018: 155-159.

Current Areas of Interest

Baroque, Melancholy, Gnosis, Magical realism, Marvelous real, Avant-garde, Fantastic Literature, Contemporary meaning of the Baroque, Transcendence, Subversion.