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Ph.D. Student in French

Advised by Professor Hassan Melehy | Dey 219

At UNC Since 2016

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M.A., Brigham Young University
B.A., Brigham Young University

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Kristen is from San Jose, California. She is a second-year doctoral student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her academic interests focus on literary theory and sixteenth- and nineteenth-century France.

[iconheading type=”h3″ style=”fa fa-book”]Publications[/iconheading]

  • Robert J. Hudson and Kristen Foote, “Decanting the Rabelaisian Casks: Accessing Neoplatonic Poetic Fury in Baudelaire’s ‘L’Âme du vin’.” Nottingham French Studies, 55(3), pp. 263–279.
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