Ph.D. Student in Spanish | Dey 219


Ph.D., Hispanic Literature, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (expected 2019)
M.A., Hispanic Literature, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2013)
B.A., Spanish and Latin American Studies, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2010)


Natalie Love is a Ph.D. candidate of Spanish specializing in fin de siècle literature from Latin America and Spain.  She is particularly interested in the way in which authors implemented medical discourses in their literary works to express anxieties surrounding shifting gender roles in society. In her dissertation, she analyzes how male writers, such as Horacio Quiroga, connect the theme of illness with representations of autoerotic pleasure to communicate a crisis of masculinity, while exposing male preoccupations with women’s newly developed rights to equality, independence and sexual gratification at the turn of the century.

Courses Taught at UNC:

SPAN 101- Elementary Spanish I (Conversation Leader for Summer Immersion Program)
SPAN 102- Elementary Spanish II
SPAN 105- Spanish for High Beginners
SPAN 203- Intermediate I
SPAN 265- Spanish Language and Culture for the Professions