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2018 Andrew Clark

2017 Anna Taylor

2016 Renata Barsanti, Rachel Poulin

2015 Abby Dennison

2014 Austin Cooper

2013 Annie Segal


Shannon Grand

Diana Lopez

Kayley Peters

Tyler Stallings

Frances Reuland


Enrique Hernan Santacruz Toloza

Lindsey Warburton

Caroline Drysdale

Natalie Scott


Wilson Victoria Storey

Brianne Marino

Hilda Santiago

James Andrews

Matthew Horton

Madeleine Scanlon

Jessica Stickel


Jessica Leigh Maldonado

Blair Flint

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Sonya Kowalczyk


Ashley Rivenbark

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Elicia Hyde-DeRuyscher

Lindsay Stewart

Claire Lozano


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2018 Trevor Hair

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Laura Buff

2018 N/A

2017 Miriam Bahrami


Monica Scovell (French)

Sam Krieg (Spanish)


Jordan Bessette (French)

Tessa Bullington (Italian)

Natalie Love (Spanish)


Andrew Gard (French)

April Weintritt (Italian)

Romance Studies maintains three chapters of National Honor Societies for its students:

Pi Delta Phi

The National French Honor Society. Members of Pi Delta Phi must have completed three French courses numbered 260 or above with grades averaging “B” or better at UNC-CH or in one of the UNC-at-Montpellier Programs.

French courses taken at another university do not count towards this requirement. If you have participated in another study abroad program and completed advanced-level courses for which you did not receive graded credit, you may count one of these courses towards the 3-course requirement.

There is a one-time initiation fee of $30. Invitations will be issued and formal induction will take place toward the end of each semester.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dorothea Heitsch.

Sigma Delta Pi

The Italian Honor Society. Students are nominated for membership in Gamma Kappa Alpha by the instructors of undergraduates.
The National Hispanic Collegiate Honor Society. The installation of the Zeta Psi chapter of Sigma Delta Pi took place May 1, 1968. It was followed by the initiation of two Socios Honorarios–Sturgis E. Leavitt and Sterling Stoudemire–and fifteen Socios Fundadores. Since that date and under the directorship of its founder, María A. Salgado, the chapter at Chapel Hill has continued to hold yearly meetings and initiations. At the present time, the chapter has initiated over 400 members, including Spanish playwright Antonio Buero Vallejo and fiction writer Francisco García Pavón. Among the benefits of belonging to the Honor Society are scholarship and travel awards given for merit.
Members must have completed 3 semesters of work, must have taken a Spanish literature or civilization course above Spanish 260, and have an overall average of 2.75 and 3.0 in Spanish.

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Martha Alexander, Dr. Cristina Carrasco, and Dr. Tamara Cabrera.

Gamma Kappa Alpha

This organization recognizes outstanding scholastic performance “outstanding scholastics performance in the fields of Italian language and literature,” and encourages students “to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of, Italian culture.” Students are asked to contribute a one-time induction fee of $15. Inductees receive a certificate of membership.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amy Chambless