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Undergraduate students in Romance Studies have many opportunities to use their language skills to expand their horizons. There are research exposure courses which require the completion of at least one fully realized project in which a research question is posed, investigated and then communicated to others.  Independent of a specific course is the senior honors thesis in which students work closely with a faculty member to explore a topic related to their language and culture focus.

Service learning (also referred to as APPLES)  is an integral part of certain courses, taking students out into the community where they engage in activities through which their language skills benefit others.  Opportunities include tutoring, interpreting, assisting in classrooms, etc.  Students commit to serving thirty hours per semester in courses with a service-learning component.

Extracurricular opportunities are found through various language clubs, language conversation tables, language or course-specific performances, and publications. Film series, some of which are organized by students, provide learners with a chance to share their special interests with their peers. The language honor societies also bring together students with similar interests for activities. Students in Spanish may choose to enhance learning by residing in the Spanish House living-learning community.