Montpellier Street Scene


UNC in Montpellier can be a semester-long (fall or spring) or year-long. There is a resident director on site, and homestay with host families. Core courses are taught at Accent Français and direct enroll courses are taught at Université Paul Valéry.

PrerequisiteFREN 300.
Possibilities: Internships, Arabic. More information here.

Semester in Paris

In conjunction with UNC Wilmington (Spring only), this semester offers core language courses at Sorbonne and direct enroll courses through UNCW. English curriculum with some content courses taught in French.

PrerequisiteFREN 102 or equivalent.
Possibilities: Volunteer Placements. More information here.
Montpellier Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe, courtesy of Mariana Abou-Rizk – Alumna of the Study Abroad Program

Summer in Paris

With ROMS Faculty and language course at the Sorbonne.

PrerequisiteFREN 102 or equivalent. More information here.

A number of semester and year-long exchange opportunities: Paris, Lyon, Grenoble.

PrerequisiteFREN 204 or equivalent.

For options (PoliSci, Gobal Studies, Journalism, Sciences, etc), please see the Study Abroad website.

Many more programs are available in which students can pursue their majors, improve their French language skills, and get to know other parts of the world, such as Quebec, Switzerland, Senegal, or Morocco.

Departmental Advisor for French Study Abroad: Dorothea Heitsch