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UNC Spanish & Service in Peru

Looking to improve your Spanish and earn summer credits for your Spanish minor or major while living in a Latin American city? Then this program is ideal for you. Set in the historical Inca capital of Cusco, this 5-week program will expose you to the depth and complexity of Peruvian culture. Students will live with a Peruvian host family, attend Spanish language classes and participate in service learning work once a week in local indigenous communities.

Courses and credits:

All students will take two courses while in Cusco: mandatory common course SPAN 300 for 3 UNC-CH graded-credit hours and one 3 credit hour transfer course at the 300 level (based on interest and language proficiency).

SPAN 300: Advanced Spanish in Context (3 credits) – taught by UNC Assistant Teaching Professor of Spanish in Romance Studies Lorna Avilés de Léon.

Spanish 300 is the first course in Spanish and Linguistics major and the first course in the Hispanic Studies major and minor. The course focuses on a review of those grammatical elements that are most challenging for English speakers. This is a fifth-semester course that focuses on improving students’ writing, speaking, and cultural competencies in Spanish. It is assumed that students taking this course will have had four semesters of Spanish (minimum of Spanish 204 or equivalent, during which they have developed the four skills needed for success in foreign language courses (listening, reading, speaking, writing), and that they will be conversant with the language and with the grammatical concepts.

An added component of this course will be a service-learning component with the Global Health and Nutrition Volunteering in the Andes project once a week (for a minimum of 3 hours per week). This project will allow students to use their Spanish in a practical setting as they work and interact with community partners and members. Professor Avilés de Léon has worked on this project before and has seen the significant impact it has on the lives of the local communities. This project has been sanctioned by the UN and aims to improve the health and living conditions of local indigenous communities surrounding the Cusco area. The project objectives, personal accomplishments, and interactions with community members that the students have will serve as the basis for reflection, class discussions, and written assignments for the SPAN 300 course. Also, the final project and presentation for the course will be based on this project.

USIL Course (3 credits)

Students will choose a course in Spanish taught by USIL faculty. Tentative courses available include:

  • Intermediate Spanish
  • Advanced Spanish
  • Written Communication (Commuicación Escrita)
  • Latin American Literature (Literatura_Latinoamericana_ESPA_OL)
  • International Trade: Imports and Exports
  • Introduction to Communication
  • Intercultural Communication

Students must have taken SPAN 204 or equivalent, and may take but are not required to take, any course up to and including the 260 level, but not higher in order to be eligible.

UNC Spanish for Health Professions in San José, Costa Rica

If you are you interested in getting a Minor in Spanish for the Professions – The Health Professions Track – this is the program for you! This UNC faculty-led summer program where students will spend eight weeks in San Jose, Costa Rica, while earning 9 credits. The program will familiarize students with the necessary information and skills to effectively communicate in Spanish in a culturally-appropriate manner in professional workplace contexts and in ways that benefit the community. It also offers content that focuses on Latino cultures and the profession-specific work of our real-world organizations and, most importantly, provides analysis that contextualizes issues surrounding Spanish (the language) and Spanish-speakers within the broader scope of civic learning (understanding public policy, engaged citizenship, diversity, social responsibility, etc.).

Courses and credits:

NOTE: Students do NOT enroll in the Spanish Minor for the Professions before applying for this Study Abroad program. Students who participate in the program will be enrolled in the Minor when they return.

Students will receive UNC graded credit for three courses, which carry a total of 9 graded-credits:

Just as during a regular semester at UNC-Chapel Hill, SPAN 321 is designed to integrate further language study within a healthcare focus. All materials integrate healthcare terminology, scenarios and cultural elements into one unified course. The traditional Spanish language and Hispanic cultures skills will be combined with practical professional skills and a unique perspective on cultural training. All these elements of the course will be tied together through in-class and out-of-class activities.

The program will take full advantage of its location in Costa Rica by including guest lecturers and on-site visits to various components of the Costa Rica public health care system, resulting in further student investigation and class discussions regarding comparisons and contrasts with the US system.

Students must have taken SPAN 204 or equivalent, and may take but are not required to take, any course up to and including the 260 level, but not higher in order to be eligible.

Space is limited to 20 students

UNC Spanish for Business in Sevilla, Spain

Are you interested in the Minor in Spanish for the Professions: Business track? Now you can work towards completing the Minor in Sevilla, Spain!

Sevilla has been the destination of UNC students for years. Our partner center, CINECU, works closely with UNC to make sure courses satisfy UNC’s high academic requirements. Students also benefit from the long-standing relationship and a great amount of support throughout their time in Sevilla.

Important Note: Students do NOT enroll in the Spanish Minor for the Professions before applying for this Study Abroad program. Students who participate in the program will be enrolled in the Minor when they return.

This faculty-led program will allow students to complete their Minor in the Business track, visit local companies and meet local business people while getting to know the beautiful city of Sevilla in southern Spain. Students will have the option of spending most of their summer in Spain and get 12 credits by attending both the regular Sevilla summer session along with this UNC Spanish for the Professions program OR just going for this program and receive 6 credits.

Students will be in classes with other program participants. All courses are taught in Spanish.

Courses and credits:

Students have two options:

  1. Students who have not taken SPAN 265 may attend the regular first summer session in Sevilla where they will take another course along with SPAN 265. Students receive 6 credits for this program and both courses transfer as TREQ credit. SEVI 265 will count towards the minor. Start date for the regular summer program is TBD.

Once that program is over, the second part starts with a UNC faculty on site to teach Spanish for Business (SPAN 320) and Spanish for Professional and Community Engagement (SPAN 329). Both of these courses will count for 6 UNC graded credit.

Students who decide to do both summer sessions will receive a total of 12 credits which will count towards the minor.

  1. Students who wish to take SPAN 265 on campus may do so and then go to Sevilla for the second part of the program (start date of June 29th) and take SPAN 320 and SPAN 329. These students will receive 6 graded credits.

ALL courses are taught in Spanish.

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