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An exhibit co-curated by Assistant Professor Maggie Fritz-Morkin and librarian Rachel Reynolds recently went up at Wilson Library. With poet RK Fauth (creator of the UNPRECEDENTED Project), Dr. Fritz-Morkin designed the display around the themes of the interplay of text and image, creative censorship, and viral art in response to pandemic. The exhibit mixes old and new objects: 30 Covid-era erasure poems created on pages of the Decameron, plus facsimiles of Boccaccio’s own drawings in the Decameron, and the visually striking censored editions of the Decameron in Counterreformation Italy. Students in Dr. Fritz-Morkin’s first-year seminar, “Contagion and Culture: Lessons from Italy,” contributed poems to the exhibit.

The exhibit is currently on view on the first floor of Wilson Special Collections Library.

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