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Study Abroad Opportunities

The Department of Romance Studies strongly encourages all of its students, and especially its majors and minors, to participate in a study abroad experience. Study abroad opportunities are available in a variety of locations for a summer term, a semester, or a full year.

Studying in another country is a challenging, life-changing, and never-forgotten experience. In addition to providing the opportunity for a full immersion experience, the benefits of studying in a foreign environment include an accelerated rate of maturation and self-discovery; an increased ability to examine one’s values, beliefs, and preconceptions; and a more sophisticated worldview through greater inter-cultural understanding. Many students who study abroad also find themselves pursuing career paths they had not considered, or even knew existed, before going abroad.

To learn more, go directly to UNC’s Study Abroad website.

Course Correspondent Program

While abroad, consider participating in UNC’s course correspondent program. A course correspondent is a UNC-CH student studying abroad who, like a news correspondent, files periodic reports on the sites, language, culture, or events particular to the country where they are studying. They conduct interviews and take videos which are integrated into a course back on campus. This is a great journalistic experience and also excellent preparation for a field research project. Visit the site to learn more about the program, including how to apply.

ROMS Study Abroad Advisors

Abel Muñoz-Hermoso
Study Abroad Advisor for Programs in Spain and Latin America
Amy Chambless
Director Undergraduate Studies, Director of Italian Language Instruction
Richard Vernon
Director of Portuguese Language Instruction, Undergraduate and Study Abroad Portuguese Advisor
Jo Lindquist
Director of Teaching Faculty Mentoring
Dorothea Heitsch
Undergraduate Advisor for French